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Combined weight loss 38kg

These results are not typical.
Individual results will vary.

"Lost 9kg in 7 Weeks"

"I lost 9kg body-fat in 7 weeks while breastfeeding and I now have tons more energy - Iam very impressed"

Jean Mckenzie
Box Hill

"Lost 9kg-Fat in 6 Weeks"

"I've lost 9kg of body-fat in 6 weeks 'so-far', and I am feeling really incredible, with so much extra energy - my body & mind feel turbo-charged
– I am very excited !
also - I am very impressed with your Free Next Day Delivery!"

Megan Forde

"Lost 3kg-Fat
in 1st 2 Weeks"

"Thanks a ton for all your
top notch tips.
Hey – Iam off to a great start – I’ve lost 3kg of body-fat in my 1st 2 weeks,
I know I’ll be slim soon – Iam so so excited.
I’ll be slim for the beach this summer, and then stay slim forever !"

Sue Hutchin

"Anxiety - Gone !"

"By just the 2nd day on Herbalifeline my anxiety has gone, I feel calm & fantastic,
Herbalifeline is brilliant !"

Amanda Mirlowen

These results are not typical.
Individual results will vary.

"42kg Body-Fat Lost"

"In 8 months I've lost 42kg of body-fat & 39cm from my waist 130cm - 91cm, I feel so so healthy & energized"

Richard Mosby

"I Lost 8kg - Now Slim"

"I was 65kg now Iam 57kg, Herbalife products have helped me quickly lose 8kg, my blood sugar has balanced out, my cravings for junk food went away almost immediately,
Iam excited"

June Simpson

"I Lost 21kg - 4.5 Months"

"Sceptically I started - I easily lost 21kg & 20cm-waist in 4.5 months - it was so easy, I've kept my weight loss off for over 4 years."

Mary Powell

"25kg Lost - 8 Months"

"I was 83kg and depressed about that, Herbalife products have transformed me to a slim 58kg, I now slip into size 10 clothes nicely, my energy and confidence have skyrocketed - Iam thrilled"

Pat Ogilvie

These results are not typical.
Individual results will vary.

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These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

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"Before I changed my attitude my food intake was unlimited. I was lazy and not motivated to train or play sport to burn off calories, and the only exercise I did was during school hours. I knew i had to make changes. I keenly noticed a girl friend's mum who was visiting from Bunbury WA was getting slimmer and slimmer. She explained to me with excitement that she was on this nutritional regime, and that it controlled her appetite, and she could still enjoy her favourite food for her main meal. Wow I was excited I jumped at it and got started on the Ultimate package I went from a size 16 to a size 12  and reduced my size by 15kg. My whole outlook changed quickly I joined a gym and my figure is looking it's best shape ever. I also now sleep like a baby and wake up in a positive mood. I love going to workout it's a part of my daily routine. The love the chocolate smoothies and chocolate protein bars they are both great for my sweet tooth and appetite. Great encouraging overall support from SupremeWellness and my mum and friends have made my journey a lot easier, thank you so much, my purchase has really changed my life"  Gwen Humphreys - Perth

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

"I started online here and started with the quickstart kit in and easily lost 14kg of overall fat in 11 weeks. By my 2nd day I getting a lot more quality sleep, my energy level picked up a lot which helped all aspects of my life. I then added the slimming tea and wow my inch loss results sped up and I was more alive and active. Iam now back playing squash, Iam flying around the court. My advice if you are overweight get started on these weight loss products, you and the people around you be so glad you did.  Stan Evans - Bondi Beach, Sydney   

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