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Combined weight loss 38kg

These results are not typical.
Individual results will vary.

"Lost 9kg in 7 Weeks"

"I lost 9kg body-fat in 7 weeks while breastfeeding and I now have tons more energy - Iam very impressed"

Jean Mckenzie
Box Hill

"Lost 9kg-Fat in 6 Weeks"

"I've lost 9kg of body-fat in 6 weeks 'so-far', and I am feeling really incredible, with so much extra energy - my body & mind feel turbo-charged
– I am very excited !
also - I am very impressed with your Free Next Day Delivery!"

Megan Forde

"Lost 3kg-Fat
in 1st 2 Weeks"

"Thanks a ton for all your
top notch tips.
Hey – Iam off to a great start – I’ve lost 3kg of body-fat in my 1st 2 weeks,
I know I’ll be slim soon – Iam so so excited.
I’ll be slim for the beach this summer, and then stay slim forever !"

Sue Hutchin

"Anxiety - Gone !"

"By just the 2nd day on Herbalifeline my anxiety has gone, I feel calm & fantastic,
Herbalifeline is brilliant !"

Amanda Mirlowen

These results are not typical.
Individual results will vary.

"42kg Body-Fat Lost"

"In 8 months I've lost 42kg of body-fat & 39cm from my waist 130cm - 91cm, I feel so so healthy & energized"

Richard Mosby

"I Lost 8kg - Now Slim"

"I was 65kg now Iam 57kg, Herbalife products have helped me quickly lose 8kg, my blood sugar has balanced out, my cravings for junk food went away almost immediately,
Iam excited"

June Simpson

"I Lost 21kg - 4.5 Months"

"Sceptically I started - I easily lost 21kg & 20cm-waist in 4.5 months - it was so easy, I've kept my weight loss off for over 4 years."

Mary Powell

"25kg Lost - 8 Months"

"I was 83kg and depressed about that, Herbalife products have transformed me to a slim 58kg, I now slip into size 10 clothes nicely, my energy and confidence have skyrocketed - Iam thrilled"

Pat Ogilvie

These results are not typical.
Individual results will vary.

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These results are not typical. Individual results will vary


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Model: Energy

Key Benefits:

  • Contains less than 10 calories per individual sachet
  • Convenient, pocket-size sachets ideal for when you are on the go
  • No refined sugars (sucrose or glucose)
  • Provides you an instant kick when needed - fun, fizzy & works fast!
  • Available in 2 exciting flavours – Ignite-Me Orange & Lemon-Lime Blast.

More energy with no caffeine sensitivity :
”I'm a bit sensitive to caffeine so thought I would try the Liftoff, Iam delighted with my increase in energy and no sensitivity, I've tried both flavours and they are both great.
Annie Whyte

Who can enjoy the benefits of Liftoff™ ?

* Business Professionals - zoom through your day

* Students - Turbo-Charge your studies

* Busy Parents - keep up with your energised kidies

* Sports Enthusiasts - quickly get the edge on your competion

Usage :

Simply pour a Liftoff™ sachet in 250ml of water, let it fizz & enjoy!

Liftoff™ Questions & Answers :

Q: How many sachets are there/box?
A: 10 individually wrapped sachets/box.

Q: How much caffeine does Liftoff™ contain/serving?
A: Approximately 75mg of caffeine/serving. This is about the same as a cup of brewed coffee or 2 caffeinated soft drinks.

Q: What is the source of the caffeine in Liftoff™?
A: Caffeine powder & naturally occurring caffeine from guarana.

Q: Is caffeine safe?
A: Yes. The safety of caffeine has been studied quite extensively. Moderate use of caffeine is safe for the majority of individuals, unless there is a caffeine sensitivity or restriction due to certain health conditions.

Q: What is Taurine?
A: A non-essential amino acid which serves many different functions in the body. In certain situations, taurine provides a boost as the body cannot make enough taurine to meet its needs.

Q: Are there other ingredients?
A: Yes. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12.

Q: When can you take Liftoff™?
A: Anytime to help stay on top of your day. If sensitive to caffeine, it shouldn't be taken too late in the day as this may affect sleep.

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